Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Two Blowholes and a Monk

Hi Everyone,

Well, we've been healthy for two weeks! We've gone on lots of adventures.

Last week we rented a car on Thursday on the island of Kauai. The whole cast went along and we toured a large part of the island. There was a high surf advisory so even protected beaches were really rough. We went to Poipu to snorkel and we were lucky enough to see another Monk Seal. The snorkeling was okay due to the surf but it was just nice to get in the water.

From there we went to Spouting Horn. Spouting Horn is a blowhole on the shore of Kauai. The legend of Spouting Horn is this - a female Molo (giant evil lizard) was living on the shore and eating fisherman - one fisherman was attacked by the Molo and he managed to drive his fishing spear into her mouth and trap her in the blowhole. She is still trapped there to this day and every time Spouting Horn blows you can hear her roar in pain and hunger.
The roar every time it blew was very cool - kind of creepy and eerie. Worth the stop!

From there, we drove all the way to end of the road which was the head of the Na Pali coast. We also looked at Barking Sands and the Military Base located there. The road was literally blocked off with a military blockade.

After that we decided we would go to the Waimea Brewery and have a beer and some happy hour appetizers. It was beautiful there - they are located on the grounds of an old Sugar Plantation and there are several cute rental bungalows on the grounds. We walked out to the black sand beach at sunset and watched the sun melt below the lip of the world.

On Honolulu, we went snorkeling which was nice. We saw the biggest Trumpet fish we've ever seen.

On Maui, we rented another car. This time the crew was Andy, John, us and Sean from "Oh, What a Night!" (OWAN). OWAN is a Frankie Valley tribute show on the ship. They sing and dance and tell jokes. Sean is a lot of fun and he's quick to laugh so we're big fans.
We all piled into a little car and drove to the Iao Needle Valley and then we hiked the Acid Warzone to the Nakele Blowhole. The surf was high again so it was all very dramatic.
We did this hike last year and it was great to share it with the new cast members this year.

Today we're on Kona and it gorgeous. It seems the storm system that was sitting on the islands is gone so we're in good weather.

Photo time!
Poipu Beach
Monk Seal on Poipu Beach
Spouting Horn
Spouting Horn the other side
John, Andy & Larrance at Spouting Horn
Iao Needle - they believe it is the phallus of the ocean god.
Iao Needle Valley
Nakelele Blowhole doing its thing.
L in the Acid Warzone
Rocks of the Acid Warzone
Rock detail
Maui Sunset over Ma'alaea Harbor
Sunset end - followed by a great Green Flash which I just missed taking a photo of!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sick in Hawai'i

We've had a rough couple of weeks. We've both had a nasty sinus infection which we are getting over. Then the ship went through a GI breakout which affected both of us. I've never caught it before and it is worse than any food poisoning or flu I've ever had before. I wouldn't wish it on anyone - not even Sarah Palin. So awful. I did lose those 2lbs. that were plaguing me. So that's good.....

So we haven't done too much over the last couple of weeks except for laying in bed and wishing to either be unconscious or as completely numb. We did all of our shows - well I missed half an improv show when I had to run out to throw up repeatedly. That was dramatic.

We did get a tour of the belly of the ship from the Chief Engineer. He showed us everything from the electric transfomers to the engines to the water treatment facility. It was all very impressive. I thought I would take photos but honestly it just looks like a bunch of machines - boxy and kind of the same. We did get to see inside of the shaft drives for the azipods so there's that.

We had very dramatic weather last week. The seas were so high that we couldn't tender in Kona. We left and instead cruised around Maui looking for whales. I had a great deal of fun and frustration listening to passengers complain about the whales.
Here are some direct quotes from some of the idiots
Why aren't they jumping up so we can see them?
They should feed them so they come right over the boat
There aren't any whales out there - they're lying. (a whale breached every time she looked away)
I don't know they're just not as impressive as Shamoooo.

I wanted to tell them all the reason they were dumb but I work there so I couldn't. Boo. So I made fun of them in the improv show - Vindication!

Yesterday (Sunday) we were feeling better so we went to Lahaina with John and Andy.

We took the bus.

Lahaina is like the Bar Harbor of Maui so we felt right at home.

We're hoping to go snorkeling on Kauai later this week. Keep your fingers crossed and washed please!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hawai'i Again

Hey All -

We've been on the ship for three weeks. Before that we were in Chicago for two weeks, rehearsing and holding auditions for our upcoming season.

Chicago was a lot of fun. We got to see lots of friends and experience a little bit of winter. The first week was all rehearsals for the ship - we rehearsed our show and the new Murder Mystery. Rehearsals were a lot of fun. They always are.

The second week we were there we were off work. Why? Well Andy & John, two of our cast mates, had to go a week early to do their Merchant Marine training so we got a free week in Chicago. We used the week to see friends, walk the city and hold auditions. We had a great turnout for our auditions - over 100 people - and we saw lots of great folks.

I did have one disturbing side effect of winter hit me - I got "winter rash." Basically I got hives everywhere but my face which was just lovely. I thought at first I was having an allergic reaction but it turns out it was just my body freaking out over the cold. Yep. I'm allergic to the cold. I got over it with some cortisone and lots of moisturizing.

While we were there we went to a great show called Alien Queen - it is a mash-up of the Alien movies (the first two) with the music of Queen. It was a great show with cross dressing, puppets a full band and lots of singing! We also saw John Hartman's solo show "I'm Sorry I Missed You" which was wonderful.

We got on the ship on December 11th. We had a great first week with our Director, Matt Craig, and our Producer, Beth Kligerman. We had our mainstage and the murder mystery within the first 3 days of getting onboard. It was a bit crazy. This did free us up to have a big adventure on Kaui'i. We rented a van and went to the Waimea Canyon, Grand Canyon of the Pacific, which was great. Beth took us all out to dinner at a localavore place called 22 North. It was delicious.

We're settling into the ship. I seem to have a caught a small sinus infection. I'll feel rundown and then feel better and then back to run down again. I'm going to the doctor today so I'm sure I'll get better right away.

I got a new camera so I'll put a few photos too - more to come!

NYE on the POA!
Fireworks over Honolulu on NYE

Napali Coast - Kauai'i
Napali Whale - look for the blow in the lower left corner!

Us at the end of 2010

Some random images from 2010
My nephew, George, graduated in 2010! That's him with his parents - Dan & Dorthy. Dan is my brother.
My Mom and I and Laurenitz Gardens in Omaha!

My Dad and his wife, Mary, visited MDI this summer!