Friday, November 9, 2012

The time in between...


Larrance and I closed the theater, just for the season, on Sunday, October 14th.  Well, we didn't do it all by our lonesomes.  We got lots of help from Bryce and my brother Dan and his wife Dorthy.  It's pretty amazing we shut down the theater in just a few hours and then all that's left is to return the any full cases of beer, shut off the water and the electricity and the place goes into deep hibernation.

As I mentioned in my last post, Dan and Dorthy stayed for a week or so and we had a great time.

Now we've been in time off mode which is particularly difficult for me....I've never been very good at being idle but that is what I really need to do after our six month marathon.  So my body helped me out by getting sick twice in one week.  I'm sure it was saving it up for me so I could experience the stomach flu and then a cold in quick succession.  Good news is that I'm all better and I feel very well rested.

Larrance has been working on composing and I've been working on my second NANO ( novel.  I'm hoping to work on both novels on the ship.  I want to finish writing the second one and then finish the second draft of the first book.  I'm really hoping that I might get to start on the second draft of the second book but that might be a bit much.

We've been enjoying ourselves too.  Going out with friends, cooking, going to the gym and watching movies.

Of course, when you own a business you don't really get time off so we've also been organizing auditions for next season and we're arranging a few slight upgrades to the theater.  We hope to have a wall built around the dressing room, to have a new curtain behind the stage and to re-carpet our entry way stairs. Just a small upgrade for our 10th season!

In the next few weeks, scripts should arrive for our ship gig and we will have to get busy learning lines and building music cues.  Meanwhile, I think I'll take a break.