Monday, January 18, 2010

What a Jerk

Maui Beach...

I am total jerk. I said I would post about our Maui/Haleakala adventure and then I didn't. Well, poo on me.

I know there are at least a few people following this blog so I'm going to try and do a few short posts with photos...see, I get tied down by wanting to write about everything....this makes me late. It's that whole perfectionist/procratinator complex. Yah.

So - what's been happening in Hawaii? Well, lots! We went to Haleakala on Maui and took in the sunset - stunning. We went to a Haleiwa on Oa'hu to check out the town and to see a beach that by afternoon is covered by sea turtles. We went to the Maui Aquarium which was small but had a great reef display. We have been walking a lot. We went to the Foster Botanical garden in Honolulu.

This last week my Mom and her husband, Ray, were visiting. We had a big adventure everyday.
Day 1 - Maui - we rented a car and went to Pa'ia and Lahaina. We watched whales from the cliffs and had dinner at Flatbreads
Day 2 - Maui - we went on a Whale Watch/Snorkel trip. Amazing. A baby whale came right up the ship and then the baby momma and the escort also got pretty close to us.
Day 3 - Hilo -we went the Volcano National Park to see the crater, the caldera and the lava tube. And we went to a orchid place and my Momma bought me an orchid.
Day 4 - Kona - we took it easy. Shopping, coffee and lunch for my Mom and I. We purchased some beautiful lava jewerly.
Day 5 - Kauai - we rented a car and toured Kauai. We saw the Opeakah falls and Waimea Canyon. Awesome.
Day 6 - Kauai - we took it easy because we were, in a word, pooped.
Day 7 - Honolulu/Oahu - we rented a car and went to Haleiwa to eat at Kua'aina Burger, get Coffee Gallery coffee (the best Kauai Peaberry) and to see the turtles.

It was a great week.

Okay now for photos....
Sunset on Haleakala
Makapu'u Lighthouse on Oa'hu
Christmas on the Ship - a snippet of our Secret Santa exchange
Larrance on NYE
Myself, Mike, Deanna & Rance doing bits on NYE
Our weekly viewing of the Napali Coast
A turtle at Alii beach in Haleiwa...the other turtle is me
My Mom showing us how a cat snorkels
My Mom, me, Larrance and Ray with the caldera behind us...
Shopping Kona
A willing Kona Gecko model
Waterfall (Opaekah?) on Kauai
Waimea Canyon on Kauai
The red dirt of Kauai and more of Waimea Canyon
Mom & Larrance on our drive through Waimea
Hiking to the blowhole
Hiking to blowhole through the so called Acid Warzone...
Acid Warzone Larrance
Cool rock formation on the warzone
Blowhole Rainbow Action
On our way to and from the Blowhole, we crossed a field of cairns...this was one of my favorites