Friday, December 21, 2007



Just a quick note to say Happy Holidays!

We just finished a five day cruise. On the five day we go to Cozumel & Grand Cayman, both are lovely places to visit. We didn't do much in Cozumel. Just went to an internet cafe and ate guacamole and drank mochas...not at the same time.

On Grand Cayman, we went to a beautiful beach called Smith's Cove. This was a half sand half volcanic rock beach with fantastic snorkeling. There were all kinds of fish there and a bunch of large coral heads. I think I saw an freaked me out and right after I saw it a leaf touched me and I screamed. Yes, I love the ocean but it still scares me. That means I respect the ocean!

Okay, well we're off on the Christmas nine day cruise. On Christmas Eve we'll be on Tortola, we're thinking about going snorkeling at Virgin Gorda or to the beach at Brewer's Bay. Either way I'll be in a swimsuit with a snorkel on my face.

For Christmas, we'll be on Antigua. I'm not sure what we'll do on Antigua. Maybe head to Nelson's Dockyard and Devil's Bridge and (surprise) a beach for some snorkeling!

For me Christmas will be a hot and humid affair where fir trees look weird and people insist on saying, "Happy Christmas, Mon!" I'll miss my Midwestern/New England Christmas but I won't be miserable!

Happy Christmas, Mon!

L & J

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Photos Blog

Hey Again...

I forgot to mention that Larrance and I have been playing a lot of hackey sack. Yes, that game with the little ball where you kick it with your foot and try to pass it to other people. Mike is a big hackey sack fan so we're trying it out. I think we're getting quite good. Soon I'll be named "All American Sports Phenom" of this cast...

Okay pics.. know who we are!

Our friend Mike and a Giant Larrance on Barbados

A grey day on Barbados

Caribbean Side and Beach of Pigeon Point

The Atlantic Side of Pigeon Point

Dramatic sky over Pigeon Point, St. Lucia

What’s Been Going On...


I know I haven’t written in a while so what have I been doing? Well....getting used to the new ship, settling into our schedule, and relaxing. Yes, relaxing!

The seas have been uncommonly rough for the last couple of cruises. I guess this might be due to the fact that we’re at the tail end of hurricane season or maybe the fish are revolting or maybe Neptune is angry....anyway the nights have been super rocky. I don’t know if it’s because this an older ship or because the seas are so rough but this is a creaky ship. We’re living on deck 4 again and at night I just listen to the ship creak and waves crash on the hull and our porthole. A couple of times I’ve been awoken by a big crash....I think it might be being woken up, but, those times feel like the ship is being tossed about by the ocean. Okay, ocean, we get it! You’re mighty!

On this ship they have chairs on deck 7, my favorite deck, so I’ve spent a lot of time out there reading and watching the flying fish and the moody waves. It’s so nice....lots of people nap out there which I find weird. I don’t mean they fall asleep in their chairs overcome with sleep as they’re reading - no - they take a chair and get some towels and make a bed and go to sleep. I feel like telling them they should go back to their rooms to get some rest but I refrain and let them slumber. So you can nap in a chair but let’s not make a bed, okay? Okay.

We’ve had some great snorkeling adventures. On the last five day cruise, we all went to West Cemetery Beach on Grand Cayman. It’s called Cementery Beach because it’s behind a cementery complete with graves! The snorkelling was crazy! Grand Cayman has a fringe reef meaning that it surrounds the island and is accessible directly off the beach. We walked in and about 5 feet out there were FISH! All kinds - I’m strarting to learn some of their names - Goat fish, Red Squirrel fish, Solider fish, Blue Tang, Yellow Tang, Grey Tang(?), Nassau Grouper, Grand Cayman Gamma and a huge lobster/crab thing.

While the snorkeling was great, the fish were super aggressive. They followed us or swam up to us..I got nipped at one point but no blood was drawn. I think that people might feed the fish and so to them we looked like a bunch of floating lunch ladies. Larrrance and I swam out to the larger reef that was waaaaay out - I’m getting to be a much stronger swimmer, I can keep up with L - and out there were some huge fish. The biggest was a like a 3 or 4 foot silver fish....which was great until it decided that I was a lunch lady....I can swim fast...away from overly friendly fish. Next time we’re going to bring our fins and go out a bit further and bring some fish mace.

We also went to Long Bay on Tortola. This was not a snorkel day. Nope. This was a play in the huge crashing surf day. I didn’t go out far at all - it was so rough and the undertow was powerful. I practiced a bit of body surfing - which really means I got myself unafraid of the huge waves. This loss of fear was based on my feet being firmly on the ground at all it wasn’t body surfing so much as bobbing...but that’s a step in the right direction.

We also went to Pigeon Point on St. Lucia. Pigeon Point is lovely because on one side is the Carribean Sea and on the other is Atlantic Ocean. The Carribean is calm and lovely while the Atlantic is violent and dramatic. Last time we went there, the snorkeling was disappointing because it was so murky. This time was sooo different. The reef was small but filled with anenomes, coral and tons of fish. I saw a butterfly fish, rock fish, angel fish, parrot fish, damsel fish, yellow tang, and so much more. The whole cast went together and we were joined by Roman & Svetlana and Sasha. Roman and Svetlana are married and usually they are the ballroom couple in the JAR shows on the ship. Right now Svetlana is pregnant so Roman has a new temp partner, Sasha. They’re all from Belarus and lots of fun. We all spent some time together and some time apart. Larrance and I ended up on the Atlantic side to have lentil soup and cheese toasties and a Piton was a great day.

We’re looking forward to Christmas on the ship. We’re all doing a Secret Santa gift exchange and planning a little celebration in one of our rooms. We’ll all miss our families but overall I couldn’t be more grateful to have such a wonderful group of people with me on the ship!

More soon.....

Jen & Larrance