Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who's here now

Well, it's...

Brett Lyons
Chris Day
Rachel Miller
Amy Roeder

Chris leaves on Saturday - boo! But Dave Colan arrives - yay!

I have decided to leave knitting for a bit to try Creweling. Yeah, it's that exciting.

Today we're going to take a walk or if the weather holds we might go for a swim.

ImprovAcadia is quickly approaching the busiest part of the season. Already this week it's been very busy and it should just keep climbing. Hopefully July will be a super busy month...and August will be insane. Insane.

We're thinking about creating a radio spot for the fall. We have a bit of trouble getting the older crowd in for our Fall shows so we thought a radio ad might help reach an older demographic. So Andy and I are going to work on it when he's up here in late July and early August....

We're doing a new project this year. We're teaming up with Reel Pizza to create a show called Improvision. If you around Chicago in 2002 (or 03?) you might have seen Fuzzy's Cinema 2.0, and it's kind of like that. The difference for us is we won't know what movie we're going to be dubbing. Oh, and Larrance will be providing a new music score. We're going to do Improvision on July 11th, August 8th and August 15th - I think.

Okay, that's all.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

As of Today


We've had a great June so far! The weather leading up to this week had been lovely but this week it's turned a bit grey and rainy.

Our current cast is:
Tamara Nolte
Brooke Bagnall
Josh Breit
Amy Roeder
& Me

We change this weekend with Chris Day arriving on Saturday and Rachel Miller and Brett Lyons arriving on Sunday.

It's hard to believe that we still have 4 months to go. All this grey weather is making it feel like fall. I feel like the ship has really thrown off my season-o-meter. Now winter is like summer and summer is like more summer so where's winter? My body is confused!

Today I'm going to move my office upstairs because we need to close up the dining room (which I use as my office) for one of the actors. Tonight we're having our second Nacho night of the season. Basically the cast divides into teams (Larrance & Me, Brooke & Josh, Amy & Tamara) and we each make a version of the Nacho. Then we eat the nachos and watch a horror movie or a horrible movie - sometimes those are one in the same. Fun times. Tonight I'm making Roasted Tomatillo Chipolte salsa over smashed guacamole with a shrimp.....shhhh, don't tell!


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Oh, I didn't know...

Well, I received some guidance on what my blog entries should include from Rance "Fartface" Rizzutto. Rance asked that I list the cast as it stands right now:

Abby McEnany
John Hartman

You can see their bios on our website

Joining us this week - Tamara Nolte.
By the weekend - Brooke Bagnall & Josh Breit

One more thing, and this is also for ol' Fartface, fffwwwttwap.