Tuesday, September 30, 2008

1000 shows!

This Saturday, October 4th at 8PM will be our one thousandth show. We'll crack open some champagne to celebrate this landmark.

Our current cast is: Pat Shay, Mary Archbold, Mike Shreeman and Jen Shepard, of course.

We had a good September--up from last year. We've signed on our lease for another three years in our current space and are looking forward to season 6.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Here Comes Fall


Well, here we are one week into our Fall season. It's finally getting a bit cold and the trees are starting to turn. September promises to be a busy month - Larrance's sister is visiting this week as is Marla's husband, James; my Dad and his wife Mary are visiting at the end of the month; and the NCL Dawn will be coming in once a week and our friends Jeff & Jeannie are on that ship so we'll probably see them pretty frequently. A month of social calls!

Last night was Sam's final night. He left this morning and left us a gift - the travel edition of Settler's of Catan! The travel edition! Wow! Thank you, Sam! If you haven't played Settler's of Catan - do it. I'd explain it but it sounds geeky than it is......or does it?

As of tonight the cast is:
Mike Shreeman
Marla Caceres

Larrance had another day off this week. I'm unsure why we're actually letting him have time off work but we are. We went bike riding on the carriage paths! We were going to ride around Eagle Lake and maybe over to Jordan Pondhouse but the Eagle Lake carriage path was flooded! There were very heavy rains on Saturday and yesterday. So we rode around Witch Hole and Paradise Hill. I was very proud of myself as I rode up all the hills without stopping or walking my bike.

I'm traveling back in time but on Sunday night we had a Nacho Night. It was an epic Nacho Night - Larrance made lime daiquiris, I made guacamole and toasted corn cumin salsa and strawberry dessert nachos; Sam made Italian nachos; Marla made Cuban Pork Nachos. WOW - everything was so good! We're probably going to have another nacho night soon while Marla's husband is here.

We have five weeks left in our fifth season! Cross your fingers that we have a great fall. We've placed a radio ad on I-95 the classic rock station - it's on at approx. 12:32pm and 8:30pm - listen for it!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day Off


Well, yesterday Larrance had his first day off in two months! He was very excited. We went to the Blue Hill Fair (pics coming soon) and we enjoyed the Fair.

Marla and I rode the Thunderbolt and the Tilt-A-Whirl and got a little sick from so much spinning. But it was great.....and we ate fair food and did fair things.

Turn out that Sam grew up owning Llamas and Pygmy Goats so he was a great source of info about those animals. We visited the Llamas and Sam told us they hum - we heard them humming! We visited the goats and Sam said they were nice - they were nice! We had fun petting the animals and listening to stories of Sam's childhood.

We ended the day by making pizza at home, playing Pictionary Man and watching Hot Fuzzy.

It was a good day!