Friday, June 11, 2010

Home & Opening

Hi Everyone,

Well, we're back home in Maine. We made it home from Hawai'i after almost 24 hours of travel. The travel wasn't that bad. I did fall asleep on the floor of the Detroit airport but really it was fairly easy.

When we landed in Bangor, we were really looking forward to getting back to our home! We drove to Ellsworth and entered our house. Ahhh, to be home. Then we realized that our water had not been turned back on.....and it was Sunday so we couldn't call the plumber and get them to come over. We were distraught and jet lagged. We thought, "well, I guess we can go to a hotel." Which was, quite frankly, a very disappointing thought. We wanted to be in our home. In a pickle and unsure what to do I called my Mom, like any good girl, and told her our situation. She suggested we camp out in our house. We had heat and electricity so really we had everything but water. We got a bucket and I'm sure you can guess the rest. It was so lovely to be in our home. Also we took at nap at 7pm - we had too!

We dealt with the effects of jet lag for a few days. Being at home and not really having a schedule allowed us to reset our body clocks pretty quickly. We did have to deal with town business for ImprovAcadia. We had to apply for all of our licenses and permits. So we did that on our first day back.....they were all granted!

At this point, we've been open for 2 weeks. So far the season has been great.

Our opening night was particularly wonderful. We had a full house and such a nice house too. When the lights came up to start the show, the audience broke into a huge round of applause and cheering. It was amazing. We had a great show. Our opening cast was Vince Kracht, Bob Kulhan and me. A very fun group.

We are now settling into the season and over the next few weeks we will be adding shows as the weeks go by. This year we are trying something a bit different - we are going to be close on Sundays until almost the end of July. Larrance needs a day off!

Oh, another development. For anyone who knows our house or well, really, the house next to our house. The old decrepit yellow house was purchased in foreclosure over the winter! The man who bought it is a local real estate developer and he's is having the house completely renovated. They tore off the breezeway between the garage and the house. Then they gutted the house and now they're redoing everything. So we might have neighbors soon......I hope they don't (like the last ones) mow down the peonies because they "attract ants", stare at us everytime we leave the house, scream "I love you" like they're saying "I hate you", keep garbage on their lawn. I mean I know our lawn is a weed fest but it's clean and we have lots of flowers and plants mixed in with those weeds....we call it the Natural Look.

I really am going to try and keep up with this blog. You just wait and see!