Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our trip via the stomach

One of our many cappuccino - this one in Civitavecchia. Also - I was making the running order for our first improv show.

The best olives ever in Malaga....the wine was good too.

More great food in Malaga...


Orange trees were everywhere in Malaga.

Open air market on Corsica

The BEST Mushroom quiche/tart. So good that Larrance made the face...

Rance is coveting my gnocchi in Florence. I didn't let him have any thus I look away and continue to eat.

Nice, France. Sandwich on the French Rivera and the face.

Weird statues in Nice. I think they light up at night. Or they levitate.....

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Telling it with Pictures....more to come after this

Lunch in Lucca

Beth, Deanna and Rance at Lunch in Lucca

Roman amphitheater and octopus in Malaga, Spain

The Colliseum

The Colliseum

Street Tuffs at Park Güell, Barcelona

Larrance at Park Güell

Il Duomo, Florence
Top of La Pedrera, Barcelona


My step sister, Michele, and her husband, Jay at Herculaneum

Lunch with Mike in Barcelona (alt. title - grumpy jen turns happy after pizza and wine infusion)

The cast (Larrance behind camera) on Piazza Navona, Rome