Monday, April 5, 2010

2 Weeks Left

Hi All,

We have just under two weeks left! We're looking forward to heading home but we will miss Hawai'i.

We've had quite a few more adventures in the past few weeks.

We went cliff jumping on Kauai at Kipu Falls. It was only twenty feet high and the pool below was free of rocks. Now, I should tell you that I've never even jumped off of a diving board but I thought that this cliff seemed like a good place to start jumping off of things.
That's the jump behind me. I went off the cliff once and then off the rope swing too. Larrance and Mike both jumped too. Then we went to Poipu beach and saw this....
A Monk Seal! It was just dozing on the beach. Amazing.

We also hiked the Na Pali coast last week. It was 4 miles of muddy, beautiful, (at points) treacherous and inspiring coastline.
This is what it looks like on the trail. And this is what is looks like from the ship.I'm running out of battery so I'll post more later!

If I don't see you here, I'll see you at home soon!