Saturday, June 21, 2014

Almost July....


It's officially summer!  Apparently Maine didn't get the message as it was in the low 50's last night.  So cold!

We're almost to the beginning of our busy season.  The Fourth of July marks the start of high season.  We have two shows every night but Sunday on which we only have one.   It also means that we have a full roster of performers so we'll be up to four or five actors for the rest of the season.

I was asked to present the Acadia Arts Achievement Award this year.  Sherry & Ivan Rasmussen were the recipients.  I gave a little speech and they got a big rock with the word ART carved on it.  This is the fifteenth year this award has been in existence.  Sherry & Ivan were instrumental in the creation of the Acadia Arts Achievement Award so it was wonderful to see them receive it.  Congrats to them!

We had the deck painted at our cabin.  I love it!

Next week, we'll have our second rental!  We have quite a few rentals but there's still room in our schedule so if you need a place to stay......come here!

In other exciting news, Amy Roeder is moving to Maine.  Amy has been an ImprovAcadia cast member for 10 of our 11 years.  She is going to be the Educational Outreach Director at Penobscot Theater in Bangor, ME.  We're so happy that she's going to be living here!

~ J

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