Thursday, May 22, 2014

Eleventh Season!

Hi All,

We open for our Eleventh Season this coming Friday, May 23rd!  Yay!  The first show of the season at ImprovAcadia will be at 8pm on Friday.

However, we also open for our First season at Tall Pines!  Our first guests arrive on Friday too!

We didn't think we'd have any renters in the cabin until later in June so this was a welcome surprise.  It also meant we couldn't put the cabin on the back burner.  We had to get it, the theater and the house all ready by today.  It has made the last month truly jam packed.  I don't think we've had one full day off this month so, frankly, opening for business seems like a break.

The theater was pretty easy to get ready.  We touched up the paint in the dining room and the annex.  Cleaned everything.  Ordered a ton of delicious desserts, wine, beer and drinks and we are ready.

As a little pre-season amuse bouche, we did a 30 minute show for the Annual Bar Harbor Bank & Trust dinner.  There were 150 bankers and their spouses and we made them laugh!  It was a great way to kick-off the season.

At the cabin, we've been cleaning and re-organizing everything.  It was so much work.  The cabin was built in the early 90's.  The original owner cared for it but filled it with knick knacks from floor to ceiling.  The second owner (we're the third) cared for it at first but then it seemed to fall into neglect about 8 years ago.  No one had really gotten in there to look at all the nooks and crannies.  We threw out like 20 bags of garbage.  Granted like 5 of those bags we're from the new stuff that we had to buy but most of it was from stuff just left there.  Here's a before and after of the kitchen...

 The most dramatic is the living room but I don't seem to have that photo.  Well, here's a few more of what it looks like now.

As with any new business there were all kinds of things that needed to be done that we didn't anticipate.  We made lists to keep ourselves organized. It seemed that every time we took something off the list, three more things took its place.  BUT we're done!  Well....almost.  We'll go back after this weekend and do some yard work and work on getting a fan to ventilate the bathroom.  BUT I think it looks great.

The house gets spring cleaned twice a year.  We empty each room and clean it.  This year there was extra cleaning because of this noob:
But we were glad to do it.

Alright, enough.  If you're in Maine this summer, come up here and see a show, stay in my rental or meet my cat.  Biiieeee!

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